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BTS Book Reviews September/October 2014 Issue online now!


BTS Book Reviews Sept/Oct issue is available online now! As summer starts to fade, the nights are getting longer and the heat begins to break. If you’re anything like me, long nights mean more time curled with a favorite read! We’ve got a ton of wonderful new books, informative reviews and lots of great columns to help you add to your list of favorite stories… Don’t miss New York Time and USA Today bestselling author Dianne Duvall in this issue’s cover author spread! Introducing our new column, BESTSELLER’S SECRETS by Adrienne deWolfe! Join us for our first installment of this exciting new column with: From Dyslexic to Bestseller and Indie Pioneer to Amazon Consultant: No Obstacle too High for Ortolon  in this month’s issue of BTS Book Reviews! Then, let our columns inform and entertain you with the latest reading trends! Sandra Bunino explores how Sexy Goes Bump in the Night in Chic Trends in Romances. Visit with the Dark Dukes of History in the Hot Hunks of Historywith Christy English. Join our resident Heat Diva Nikki McCarver for her Hot Summer Wrap Up. Alex Bardy ponders To Read, Perchance to Dream in his Ali B and the Forty Spaceships column. Visit Ghosts of the Past… Demons of the Present in Kelly Hudson’s the Scrying Eye. Finally, take a look back at some ... Read More »

Bad Boys by Samara King


Don’t we all have our vices, our absolute favorite plots and characters? For me,it’s more like move over bad boys and hello Mr. tall-dark-handsome -  *sigh* I return to the subject at hand. Where was I? Oh, yes – waving a dismissing hand at all the other archetypes. You see, another mysterious type has caught my eye:  the tortured soul. *Nods* yes, I’m aware of the elusive, yet undeniable mystic surrounding this man. He’s the type of hero that keeps you on your toes because you can’t quite put your finger on him and that’s just the way he likes it. There’s a pulse about him that explodes in his deep searing stare, haunted by a past that has left him broken. His shattered being pulls me in, as it does the heroine. I want to know more – what caused him such pain that he refuses to be seen as vulnerable? As a writer, I love larger-than-life heroes and as a reader I’m not ashamed to say that I love being seduced by the depth of the hero’s journey. The tortured soul is brooding, passionate and mysterious.  Here are five examples of some of the best tortured heroes out ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday presents from our May 2013 issue, author Melissa Jarvis. Learn about her release In His Own Time Read More »

Location, location, location by Raven McAllan


Many moons ago I read a romance set in New Zealand. The descriptions of the scenery were so vivid I was hooked, and said immediately that I wanted to go and visit and see for myself. The author painted such a graphic picture of the areas the book was set in that I felt I was there with the characters. When eventually, many years after, I was lucky enough to visit the country, I had a fantastic sense of déjà vu. It was familiar. I remember walking around a corner in a village in Northland and knowing what was around the corner. All from a description in a book I’d read a long time before. It might not be the same for everyone, but for me, setting the scene is so important. If I’m reading a book set in ‘this world’, in a ‘real’ place, I want to be happy knowing it’s true to life. Oh not every private house, exactly where it is, or an exact description of every nook and cranny. However, I like enough to make me, as the reader, feel at home, or at least part of wherever it is. I immerse myself in a book ... Read More »

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