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What It Felt Like To Write My First Words

  I had been on a very long journey to work out what I was supposed to be doing with my life and ultimately ended up, right back at the start.   I still relive the emotions of experiencing the penny dropping. It dropped like a great clanger, as subtle as a brick in the end, almost landing on my foot in protest of having taken so long to get there. I had found what I’d been searching for my whole life, but still had to wait to test my theory. I had been on a very long journey, to work out what I was supposed to be doing with my life and ultimately ended up, right back at the start. English, this was my answer. If only you could have seen my face when I realised that my future lay in writing. Everyone else could see it. It was glaringly obvious to them. My friends and colleagues had always offered great praise for my writing, which when I thought about it, they had done my whole career. I’d been writing all my life, I’d just written in a business sense rather than creatively. I had so many prompts throughout ... Read More »

Red Carpet Awards


Get an edge on the competition  in the awards process! We are receiving many submissions for the awards, which is fantastic. A reminder that not all books will be reviewed. It is up to our Review Team members if they wish to read a book. Important Note: We ask our reviewers to consider our customers first as a courtesy for doing business with us. Anyone who has submitted a book to be reviewed and then decided to purchase an ad or feature, please let me know at Myra@btsemag.com. Your book that has been submitted to the awards will then be moved to the database where books are considered first. Purchasing an ad or feature with us, will get your books seen first.A reminder that BTS does not sell reviews. When you purchase an ad or feature, you are paying for advertising space in the magazine. Anyone who has already bought an ad or feature is automatically put into the 1st database. The book highlighted in the ad or feature is the book to be submitted for the awards. You may still submit other books for review, but only those included in a purchase are put into the customer database. Deadline for the ... Read More »

Mystery & Suspense get thrilled by these reviews

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Ready for some mystery and suspense? Read the Featured inside Scoops with: KJ Montgomery H.T. Barkman Jenn Nixon Find some great Mystery and Suspense to read with reviews for: Murder Comes Ashore by Julie Anne Lindsey Stalked by JamesF. Broderick The Martin House by Trina M Ward All this and more in the July/August 2014 issue of BTS Book Reviews  here! Read More »

BTSemag Now Hiring

Would you like to work with a company that produces a beautiful product, offers great compensation exchange, and work with friendly staff? BTS needs more help. We are looking for: Note: All ads for compensation below can be for authors wishing to showcase their book(s), business advertising (editing, cover design, etc.) or a blogger who wishes to promote their blog. Review Assistant. Need someone organized to cross check data for reviews and keep updated. A plus if can also help edit reviews as needed. Compensation a free ad on website each month. FB & Twitter Connections. Find people to connect with us on FB and Twitter. Compensation would be a fourth page ad, or half page ad, or full page ad, depending on work results. Possible cash bonus. Contact Myra@btsemag.com for details. Triberr Promotions. We need someone to oversee our Tribe 2. Must be familiar with Triberr. Share posts Monday-Friday, find new members to invite and coordinate with Triberr Supervisor. Compensation a mix of ads in emag and website. Contact Myra@btsemag.com if interested in this position. Read More »

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