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End for Paranormal? by Crissy Smith


During a lunch with friends recently I was asked if I thought the paranormal phase was over. After Twilight, True Blood, and Teen Wolf was there anything left to say? As a paranormal writer myself, with two series about shifters, I was shocked anyone would think that. “Over?” I repeated. “And what do you mean a phase? Anything left to say? Of course there is!” But later at home I got to thinking about it. Was the paranormal genre slowly dying? Nah, there was no way. It will never be over! In fact it just keeps getting better and better. Look back to ten, fifteen, twenty years or more. The Paranormal genre isn’t just restricted to werewolves and vampires. It is so much more! Don’t like vampires? How about zombies or Bigfoot? Tired of werewolves? We’ve got shifter cats, bears, birds, rabbits, snakes, and turtles. Not scared of ghosts? Have you seen or heard about a Voodoo Priest or possession? Paranormal has all this and more. Especially with the recent boom of post apoplectic. This has quickly become a favorite of mine. Although I have not written anything in this subgenre I do have books outlined. So I don’t see ... Read More »

Love is more than just one word…by L.M. Somerton


How many times have you heard that the Inuit have a huge number of words for snow? It’s an essential element of their culture and understanding the stuff can be the difference between life and death. There are over a million words in the English language, which is one heck of a playground for a writer, so it’s intriguing that there is only one word for love.   One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love. -Sophocles   I’ve recently seen love described as ‘nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing’ and ‘The most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone.’   As a writer of romance, it’s often difficult to express the nuances of an emotion that can be so varied and powerful. Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80. Could we do with a few more or is it enough to allow readers to interpret the word in their own way?   Love is an incredibly powerful word, but the experience of it is different to every individual. It stands to reason that loves scenes will be interpreted in a different way by every reader regardless of ... Read More »

Editing Tips by Elizabeth M Darcy

Highlighted Section of Book

Many of us suffer from what I call “word blindness”. The fact we can read and re-read a manuscript and not notice mistakes is commonplace. The mind interprets the story, as we desire it to be and has the ability to cloak problems. Frequent mistakes are missing words, incorrect spelling, continuity, and dropping into telling.   All the above are the main reasons agents and publishers send out rejection letters.   The brain is a complex organ, a mainframe computer to keep us running smoothly.  Its function is to get the correct information to us at speed. This is why we have the ability to make sense of jumbled words on a page. As long as the first and last letter in each word are correct, our brain translates the jumble of words into a logical sentence.   For example:   In a perxect woxld, we woxld axl be rxch   In a perfect world, we would all be rich.   Okay, so when we are polishing manuscripts our brain tells us it is perfect, so what can we do?   Most editors will tell you to put the manuscript away for a few weeks before doing the final polish ... Read More »

Book Bargain- Great books for $2.99 or less


Authors, put your $2.99 & under books here! Rules: 1.  They must be $2.99 or less books at all times that they are on this page! 2.  If they are NOT $2.99 or less you will be deleted “I will be checking from time to time” 3.  You must list it like this “So readers know what they are” For Romance Authors  -Examples Below- etc… ~  Erotic Romance “Name of Book” Name of Author ~  Inspirational Romance “Name of Book” Name of Author ~  Sci Fi Romance “Name of Book” Name of Author ~  And the price $2.99 or $0.99 etc Genre – Romance – “Name of Book” (In quotations) And your Author Name And then the Price For Authors that are not romance Genre – Non Romance – “Name of Book” (In quotations) And your Author Name And the  Price 4.  You can have as many books as you would like! 5.  They must all link directly to the book ~   It may link to your site PLEASE direct link to where it is (NO one wants to go fishing on your site) ~   If to your site you must be able to buy there! ~   It may link directly to Amazon, B&N or any other book seller ... Read More »

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