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Blogging 101


Blog Content Today I would like to talk about blog content. Finding topics for blog posts on an ongoing basis can be intimidating for beginner bloggers. Following other bloggers in your niche will give you an idea of what their readers like to read about.   Publish and comment on excerpts from your own books and info products. You can get ideas from reviews people have written on Amazon and other sites about your topic of interest. Sometimes these reviews contain unique ideas that are not even in the book. Review a book or product in your niche and comment on the lessons learned from it. Sometimes people’s blog comments and questions can be a good source for future blog posts. You can also get ideas and inspiration from comments that people have posted on other blogs in your niche. Hold a contest that will encourage reader participation. You can create several blog posts as your contest progresses. Surveying your audience can be a great way to create unique content for your site. Polls are another option and sometimes a simple poll on your site can provide some interesting info from site visitors. Sometimes you can increase engagement by creating ... Read More »

Writers Write by Tom Olbert

Highlighted Section of Book

WRITERS WRITE Writers write.  We do it because we have to, because it’s part of us.  At least, I knew it was all I wanted to do from the moment I could pick up a pencil and start composing coherent sentences.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to be a science fiction and horror writer.  I grew up with Star Trek and Outer Limits, Dark Shadows and Kolchack.  And, given the fact the Apollo moon landings were among my earliest childhood memories and that my dad (who I was constantly annoying with speculative science questions, BTW) happened to be a physicist at MIT,  I just seemed to take to it naturally.  Product of my environment, I guess. I was always impatiently waiting for the first genuine paranormal event to hit the news.  Always scanning the sky for alien spacecraft, always hoping the first true sea monster would rear its head above the waves or the first subterranean intelligence would be discovered.  As a child, I was fascinated with compiled accounts of supposed alien encounters and begged my dad to read to me from them, taking them more as gospel than rumor, simply because I wanted to.  My first childhood ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday

Throwing Back to our May 2013 issue. We had Jennifer Snyder featured along with her book Catalyst. Read More »

Awards Certificate and Red Carpet Awards


  AWARDS: Trophy – The Grand Prize is a beautiful crystal Shooting Star trophy as pictured below. Two Page Feature in BTSemag – The overall winners for Readers Choice and Reviewers Choice awards will receive this prize. See example. One Page Sneak Peak Feature in the BTSemag – All first place finalists in each genre will receive this award. See example. Award Certificate – Any finalists who attend the Awards Presentation at the convention will receive a certificate.           Nominated Authors – Nominated authors will receive an award graphic for use. AWARD CATEGORIES: Readers Choice – Readers to vote on their favorite (one only) in each of the genres. Voting on all 4 & 5 star reviews in each genre. Reviewers Choice – Reviewers choose their favorite book. Staff and BTS family will vote for top winner,  plus 2nd & 3rd place finalists. Cover, blurb, review and overall presentation to be considered. AWARD GENRES: All genres covered in the BTSemag will be considered: Contemporary & Romance, Historical & Western, Erotic, Mystery & Suspense, S/F, Fantasy & Paranormal, Young and New Adult. Sub-genres such as Urban Fantasy or Horror will go under the appropriate genres. AWARD TIMELINE: Awards for 2014 will end with the November/December 2014 issue of BTS Book Reviews magazine. Please note, we have a 2 ... Read More »

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