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UPDATE: January 29th, 2014: Due to the increased popularity of our magazine among the book industry, we have selected to opt for a 2-month issue in lieu of our current monthly publication schedule.  This new schedule will allow our staff and reviewers more time to bring our readers the quality content they have come to know and love. Our authors and publishers will also enjoy longer exposure for their ads and features with a 60-day cycle in each current issue. Back issues will always be available on our website, allowing our advertisers renewed visibility long after each issue has been initially published. Ads are the same price for 2-month issues as they currently are for the one month issue. Our new publishing schedule will be as follows:

May/June 2014 Issue
all materials and payment received by April 10th

July/August 2014 Issue
all materials and payment received by June 10th

September/October 2014 Issue
all materials and payment received by August 10th

November/December 2014 Issue
all materials and payment received by October 10th


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Read the Featured Interviews with: Lauren Smith Read the Featured inside Scoops with: If We Dare to Dream by Collette Scott Body of Gold by Terri Talley Venters What a Sicilian Husband Wants by Michelle Smart Safe Encounter by Ruth Zavitsanos Find some great contemporary and historical titles to read with reviews for: The Bride Insists by Jane Ashford Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith Vicking Fire by Andrea R. Cooper Up On The Roof by Judy Ann Davis Gracie’s Holiday hero by Betty Jo Schuler Sapphires are an Earl’s Best Friend by Shana Galen Challenges by Toni Cantrell Alaskan Exsposure by A.S. Fenichel Collision Force by C.A. Szarek Murder in Paradise by Carolyn Gibbs Kiya, Hope of the Pharaoh by Katie Hamstead The Lazy Bachelor by Catherine Dove The King Maker by Susan Frances All this and more in the March/April 2014 issue of BTS Book Reviews! Read it now!   Read More »

You Mean You Still Haven’t Heard Of Noir Romance?


You Mean You Still Haven’t Heard Of Noir Romance? by Laura Oliva   When you hear the word “noir,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If your first thought is of an old black-and-white movie riddled with out-of-date slang, that’s okay.  Noir has deep roots in film.  Initially, it was Hollywood’s reaction to the sense of foreboding and general depression prevalent in post-World War II America. But noir has never been the sole domain of the screen.  Just look at such literary heavies as Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, James Cain.  Even Ernest Hemmingway dabbled in it.  Since its heyday in the thirties and forties, noir has trickled into genre after genre.  Mystery, most obviously, but also science fiction, fantasy, and increasingly, romance. To understand why, you need to understand just what “noir” is.  At its most basic, noir is an exploration of the darkest aspects of the human soul.  In a noir story, natural law is turned upside-down.  Morality is ill-advised, and love is a joke.  Nice guys finish dead. So what could it possibly have to do with romance? Romance is one of the most subversive genres in the literary pantheon.  It regularly delves into such explosive ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday

  K.M. Scott  Back in our November 2013 issue K.M. Scott talked about her latest release Crash Into Me.  She is a history teach by day and a Romance writer in the evening with a sexy twist.  Read more here. Read More »

Interview with author Patricia Watters


An author with Harlequin and Avon-Harper Collins in the past, Patricia Watters lives in a hand-built log house on thirty wooded acres in the hills of Oregon. Although writing romance is her number one love, over the course of her lifetime she’s had milk goats and Tennessee Walking horses, built, plumbed and wired three houses, been a professional portrait photographer, and written numerous photo essays for national and international publications. Although she spends most of her time living a life of romance and adventure vicariously through her fictitious characters, she shares the “real” world with her husband, two cats, and a German Shepherd who thinks her sole reason for being on earth is to play ball. She invites you to visit her website at www.patriciawatters.com BTS: What is your next writing project? Patricia: I’m working on FORBIDDEN SPIRITS, which is Book 10 in my DANCING MOON RANCH SERIES. My hero is the youngest of six sons in the series, and he’s an amazing man with horses. His claim to fame is Roman riding (riding standing up) six horses as a specialty act during rodeos. My heroine is an American Indian woman who works at the Dancing Moon Ranch. I established a hot ... Read More »

Staying Focused


STAYING FOCUSED Mary DeKok Blowers What draws you away when you want to write? For me it is quick gratification. I love to read and to write book reviews. I tend to download dozens of free books a week. I figured out that if I read a book a week for the next 30 years, I will not get through the e-books I already have, and that doesn’t include the couple hundred actual paper books on my shelves. Why do I do it? And perhaps more importantly what is it costing me? I’ve read that a person like this is called a “digi-hoarder.” They fill their Kindles or other readers with free books and never go back to buy the books at any cost that the free books were supposed to lead you to. In addition, since digi-hoarders are mostly focused on what they can get for free, they may be less likely to write a review, the other benefit an author could expect in return for giving out free books. The other problem I have is conflicting interests. I love to knit, garden, shop, cook, spend time with my husband, write book reviews, and watch movies. It was only ... Read More »

How do Africa and Pop Culture (as the rest of the world knows it!) fit together?

Ubuntu Blog Hop Poster 2 (1)

Join the Ubuntu authors this April – every one of them is telling you a little bit about how pop culture played a part in their story set on the African continent.   Ubuntu – an African philosophy stating “I am what I am because of who we all are” – is all about interconnection and inter-dependence. So all of us in the Ubuntu line at Decadent Publishing decided to show the world who we all are thanks to the individuality of every one of us. The theme that joins us – besides Africa – is Pop Culture.   From the street art scene in South Africa, to Indian mothers getting a bad rap in Mauritius (and all over the world!), to Grey’s Anatomy in Ghana…. Come see how it plays in modern, contemporary reads in tune with the reality and face of today’s Africa!   Here’s the lineup for the tour running April 8-16   8 April- Kathy Bosman 9 April – Zee Monodee – Author’s Corner 10 April – Nana Prah – Writing Romance and Loving Life 11 April – Inge Saunders – Inside These Lines 14 April – Kiru Taye Writes 15 April – Alissa Baxter 16 ... Read More »

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