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Characters Are People Too by SA Welsh


Characters are people too. I don’t mean that characters appear behind you, looming over the back of your chair to peak at your kindle or book, because that would be creepy (yes, I just looked behind me to make sure there’s no one there), but rather that the best characters and certainly my favorite characters are those who appear to have a story and journey of their own. It is all very well to have a dream man with a killer body and cocky smile but does that really compensate for having no background, no likes or dislikes? In my opinion, no. That’s not to say that I am opposed to a good bit of eye candy, I love a good looking man with a plan as much as the next person and sometimes you just need a bit of easy lovin’. However, when I want to get my teeth into something juicy, a book that I have to stay up all night to finish reading, I look for a little more. For a character to really grab me they need a back story. For me, a character should have a whole history and just like in crime shows where ... Read More »

Thomas Edison said by KM Rockwood


Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Fiction writing is a lot like that, too. An idea begins in the mind of a writer, becomes an increasingly strong presence, and soon is something that absolutely demands attention. At a certain point, the writer finds him or herself “in the zone.” For planners, the outline practically writes itself. For pantsers, the characters take over and the story flows. At some point, though, the inspiration wanes, and it’s time for plodding progress, rewrites and edits. It’s usually at this point that I am beset with doubts. The work is really terrible. The plot is weak and hackneyed. The characters are mere cardboard stereotypes. The prose is awkward, the descriptions mundane and the dialog stilted. Time for other opinions. I’m fortunate to have trusted people to whom I can turn. I am a member of a critique group that meets once a month, usually Saturday mornings in a small bistro with excellent coffee and crepes. We bounce ideas off one another, ask our questions, and exchange parts of our current projects that are problematic for one reason or another. A cheerleading session would be a waste of time. We ... Read More »

Writing Process by Ray Wenck


Recently, I was at Ohio Comic Con, when a young college student, at a school I had not heard of, studying cinematography, asked about my writing process. I had to think about that. Yes, I had to process my process. I’d never given it much thought. Writers tend to fall into routines. We all have them. What works for one does not for the next. Initially, I could write anywhere. However, now that I’m published I’ve become a snob. I can only write in certain places. There are too many distractions at home. I’m the biggest distractor. I wonder what’s on TV? I’m hungry. I should do a load of laundry. I’m going to make that gourmet dinner I’ve never been planning on doing. Etc. For some strange reason I can’t stay focused there. Odder still is the fact I can write all day long sitting in a Panera. I have no problem blocking out the chatter around me. So, that has become my routine more days than not. Plus, I love cinnamon crunch bagels. Some of my writer friends have trouble coming up with new ideas. Not so with me. In fact, I come up with too many. I ... Read More »



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