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Blogging 101


Blogging 101 Guest Blogging Guest blogging really does work IF you know how to do it and do it right.  It can help you and your blog and also the other person’s blog.  There are several reasons why you would want to guest blog. You would like to build your creditability Create Connections Drive Traffic We will touch on these to help you get started.   Building your creditability. You want to talk about something you know.  Readers will pick over your post especially if they think you are have no clue what you are talking about.  Some of the best sites like Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc. are ones you should try and get on.  They will bring small traffic to your site but the bigger picture is they will get your the you the exposure and raise your authority in the buisness. Creating Connections you want to build a relationship with fellow bloggers and readers.  Providing high quality posts will do this for you and gain you some readers.  The bloggers will love you have content for their authors that will be worth wild in reading.  Be sure to look around for some places/ blogs that you ... Read More »

Keep it in the Family by Kelly Ethan


Writing is a solitary job. Some of us have critique and writers groups and author cocktail hour (or is that only me?). But the actual sit your bum down on chair; fingers flying over keyboard and quality word count, can only be done by…me.   The amount of time I spend huddled in my writing cave, pulling my hair out, varies with my husband and children’s noise levels.   I’ve been writing for a number of years, but have only recently started treating it as my day job. Being an author and a writer are two completely different things. I’ve been a writer for a few years. But now I’m published, an author, and with that comes responsibilities…ugh. The dreaded “R” word. People expect a certain level of expertise whether it’s craft or marketing and for that a writer needs support.   I’m blessed—or cursed—to have a parent who writes. Thankfully we don’t write together as that could be a precursor to Armageddon. In fact, we even write in the same genre, which is both good and bad.   I have a built in support network who understands the voices in my head are characters and I’m not crazy for ... Read More »

Listening to the Voices in Your Head by Sean Michael


Call me crazy, but I have lots of voices in my head, and I listen to them. In fact, if I don’t pay attention to them and let them dictate my writing, I have a much harder time of it. I learned not to fight the voices, even if they aren’t taking me where I’m expecting or wanting them to. Sometimes this leads to putting a story for a specific submission call aside and starting something new with different characters, but if that’s what has to be done, then that’s what has to be done.   One of the questions I’m frequently asked is what my writing process is and I always say the same thing — the characters show up and I take their stories down. And I say that, not to be silly or odd, but because that’s exactly what it feels like. I know there’s not actually people in my head talking to me… well, I can say that, but saying it feels like lying. Because there are character voices that I’m listening to, that I literally hear inside my head and I write down what they are saying on paper (or keyboard as it happens.)   I’m ... Read More »

Arthurian legends by Danny Adams


I’ve been asked where my interest in Arthurian legends and stories come from. There are a lot of answers I could give (and have, depending on the situation). I’m a history buff, and a legend-mythology buff. I enjoy the heroism, chivalry, and sacrifice you can find throughout the most famous Arthurian stories. I love the magic, and I love the ancient Celtic stories preserved in the tales. But one thing in particular keeps drawing me back to them more than any other reason. I’m fascinated by endings. I don’t mean simply endings in themselves, but rather everything about them. Why they happen and the circumstances leading up to them, for starters. How people might fight to keep something from ending. How other people might fight to make one happen. But mostly, about how people deal with something ending when that wasn’t what they wanted, and how they deal with it – including rebuilding or building something else afterwards. You have a wide variety of endings to pick from in the Arthurian tales. Rome has pulled out of Britannia and the Saxons are invading – there’s your first ending. The response was Vortigern going from king to tyrant, but discovering Merlin ... Read More »

Why-oh-Why-oh-Writers Groups?


Why-oh-Why-oh-Writers Groups? by Andrew Leon Hudson When I left England to live in Spain, I had been a member of one of the longest running writers group in the UK for a year or so: the Leeds Writers Circle, established 1928. I was trying my hand at short fiction for the first time in almost a decade, and I originally joined to force myself to stop tinkering with idea and actually finish something. I showed up for my first meeting with a story in hand, not thinking to provide copies for anyone else, and soon after found myself reading aloud to a room full of strangers – friendly, supportive strangers, but no less terrifying for it! I moved to Madrid in 2007, and it was nearly two and a half years before I joined another. In the intervening time I worked, paid the bills, and continued to write – that sometimes lonely pastime which (as a terrible Spanish speaker) further subtracted from my already limited social life. Then, in late 2009, someone pointed me in the direction of an English-speaking writers group… and a week later I was a member, wondering why I’d not gone looking for one before. In ... Read More »

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