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BTS Book Reviews eMag
We offer both advertising and features in each issue of BTS Book Reviews.

Advertising in the eMag - Advertise your book or product in the BTS Book Reviews eMagazine. We offer ads in a variety of sizes including 2-Page Splash, Full Page, Half Page and Fourth Page. We also offer Premium design services for those looking to create an extra splash or would like to advertise three or more books/products. Click here for details and rates.

Feature in the eMag – Draw special attention to your book with a feature in the BTS Book Reviews eMagazine. Features include your book cover, purchase link, blurb and excerpt or interview along with a breif bio, author photo and a link to your website. Click here for details and rates.

BTSeMag Website
We offer advertising, features and interviews on the BTSeMag website.

Advertising on BTSeMag.com – Advertise your book, product or website on BTSeMag.com. We offer affordable monthly advertising in a variety of places on our website. Click here for details and rates.

Featured Book on BTSeMag.com – Get maximum exposure for your book with a feature on the BTSeMag.com website.  Features include book cover, blurb, excerpt, purchase links, author bio, additional books for purchase and more. Click here for details and rates. See example.

Interviews on BTSeMag.com - Let our readers get to know you and your work with an interview on the BTSeMag.com website. Interviews include questions, author bio, author photo and more. Click here for details on rates.

For questions about advertising and promotional opportunities in BTS Book Review or the BTSeMag website, please contact myra@btsemag.com.

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