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with a BTS cover and featured spread!



Our cover sales include:

  • Your book featured on our cover. In addition, we use your book cover as the inspiration for the entire cover! (see example)
  • Full page exposure in our Table of Contents section (see example)
  • 4 full pages including an interview, excerpt from one of your books, blurb, direct link to your purchase pages and up to six additional book cover (with links) to highlight your other work (see example)

All this and more for just $750 an issue!

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Upcoming Cover Spots:
Issue 29 – September/October 2015 – Reserved
Issue 30 – November/December 2015 – Reserved
Issue 31 – January/February 2016 – Reserved
Issue 32 – March/April 2016 – Reserved
Issue 33 – May/June 2016 – Reserved
Issue 34 – July/August 2016 – Open
Issue 35 – September/October 2016 – Open
Issue 36- November/December 2016 – Reserved

* PUBLISHERS – Publishers may purchase a maximum of 2 covers per year. 

** Plus, BTS will pay printing & shipping cost for an exclusive print copy of the cover author’s issue  from the host Issuu if author wants a copy. Write for a quote.

Can more than one author purchase a single cover? BTS can feature up to 2 authors per cover, so authors are welcome to pair up to purchase a cover. For an example, check out our December 2014 issue.

What does a cover do for you? In addition to maximum exposure in our magazine, a BTS cover also gets your name and work out to through all of our promotional outlets, including:


Since our magazine is hosted at Issuu, we count views, not subscribers. Why is this good for you? Because unlike other magazine that require a subscription or sign-up to recieve each issue, our magazine quickly and easily engages reader without the hassle of subsciptions. This makes our magazine very shareable across multiple media and social platforms.

Each issue receives between 30,000 and 60,000 views during the time it is featured. But back issues are just as popular with readers, they keep coming back, driving up views on some of our older issues to over 90,000. What this means for you is that no ad or feature in our digital magazine ever expires or goes away. It’s always online and available to every reader.

Social Media:

Every day the magazine is promoted on FB, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. We also have a staff member who promotes once a week on Triberr.

BTS owns 7 FB groups with 2,498 members, divided into different genre areas. Authors can promote to these groups and allow readers to find out more about them and their work.

BTS is also a member of 78 Yahoo groups and the magazine is promoted across these groups every day.

Promotional Teams:

BTS has several promtional teams working to get the word out about each and every issue.  These groups are an important part of our promotion campaigns:

BTS Street Team – 80 members strong, our Street Team posts about the magazine on their blog each month and send out promotions for BTS at least once a week. This is an active community that “beats the streets” to get share the magazine with the world.

Media Group – Our media group is home to 103 members who share the issue via their blogs and send out new issue promotions to help spread the word.

Blogger Database – We have a certain number of bloggers with a minimum of 1,000 or more followers who place the emag on their blog and post new release announcements for each issue. Some have higher numbers in FB & Twitter, such as our highest ranking blogger who has 18, 185 FB followers, 85, 280 Twitter followers, and 3,000 blog followers. That’s a whole new audience for your work!

Additionally, we have 16 staff members and 59 reviewers who all do their part to promote the magazine across their own blogs, networks and connections.

We also provide each cover author with a widget to place on their own blog or social media networks to help promote your author spotlight to your loyal readers.

At BTS, we do more than put you on the cover. We showcase your work within our digital magazine and across our entire network of platforms, networks and teams. Get on the cover of BTS today!

Ask about a BTS Cover Today!